Manhattan Custom Formal Wear: Tuxedos

We have the most elegant tuxedos around—from classic to shaw

Not every day calls for formal wear for men in Manhattan, but that means that it’s even more important to be prepared when the time comes. At Mohan’s Custom Tailors, we are happy to help you achieve the look you want. The right garment will be stylish and comfortable so that you can stay looking and feeling great all night. We also have a wide variety of cummerbunds and opera capes to accessorize your formal wear and help you stand out in a crowd of the ordinary. With so many options, you can create a masterpiece of your own.

New York City Custom Formal Wear Tuxedos

Formal, But Never a Formality

Events that require you to wear formal wear are restrictive enough. Here at Mohan’s Custom Tailors, we give you wide latitude to express yourself within your formal wear and not be limited to the simple black tuxedo that most expect. With an extensive array of fabrics, the choices are numerous—so go beyond formal!

Appeal of Custom Formal Wear

When your opportunity to impress rolls around, you are going to want to nail it; the best way to do so is with custom formal wear. A custom tuxedo will fit your body flawlessly and tie your look together. If you want to make sure you turn all the right heads, it’s tough to pass up custom formal wear.

How To Wear a Tuxedo

There are certain events that beg you to bring out your best, and a custom tuxedo can help you do just that. It’s important to realize, however, that the way you wear your formal wear is key. There are rules to follow, and it helps to know them off-hand. Read below for a refresher.

  • At Night – As exciting and fulfilling as wearing a tuxedo can be, it is not the type of clothing that you should wear simply because you feel like it. In fact, knowing when not to wear your tux is one of the most important elements. It is common to reserve tuxedos and similar formal wear for evening events.
  • During Formal Events – Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean you should break out your tux for a luau on the beach. Part of the appeal of this type of custom wear is the special occasion that calls for it. Be sure to use your tuxedo strategically, at events like galas.
  • With the Right Accessories – Accessories are important components of your overall look, and it is important to get them right. When it comes to formal wear, it helps to keep it simple. Consider a pocket square or a subtle watch to accent your tuxedo.

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