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Customize your shirts to complement your body in New York City

Customized Dress Shirts with Mohan's Custom Tailors in NYCIf you want a shirt that shows off your unique flair like no other, it will have to be a custom made shirt near Manhattan. A custom shirt offers better comfort and more style, allowing you to look as sharp as can be on any occasion.

We offer an extensive selection of collars, cuffs, and pocket styles. Our standard features include over 4,000 world-renowned imported fabrics, hand-stitched buttons, generous tails, fully finished buttons through sleeve placket, and a spare set of collar stays. As an optional feature, our hand-embroidered monogramming comes in 60 different styles to enhance the beauty of the shirt with a delicacy unmatched in the custom garment industry.

At no extra charge, our tailors will also include sleeve pleating, center box or side shoulder pleating, french cuffs, and pocket flaps. At Mohan’s Custom Tailors, our consultants will work with you to customize your shirts to complement your body type and face with respect to your own personal taste and the latest styles and trends.

Why Invest In a Custom Shirt?

Custom Made Dress Shirts in New York CityWhen you consider purchasing a custom shirt, it helps to consider your alternatives. You could choose a shirt off of the rack, but will it fit right? How will it look? Will it really display what makes you yourself? Whether you are dressing for a business lunch or a black tie event, a custom shirt may be just what you need.

  • Comfort – No matter how dashing you look, it can be a pain to get through the day in uncomfortable clothing. An undersized shirt may restrict your movement, while an oversized choice can ruin your entire ensemble. You can count on a custom shirt to be as wearable as can be.
  • Longevity – When it comes to custom clothing, comfort and longevity go hand in hand. An uncomfortably big shirt may leave your sleeves draping from under your suit jacket, exposing them to everything from the elements to your lunch plate. Your custom shirt will stick close to home.
  • Individuality – If you tend to follow the crowd, then maybe a run of the mill shirt would suffice. For born leaders, on the other hand, it’s important to let your true colors shine. Design your custom shirt for a specific getup or as all-around garb that defines your look.

Customizing Your Shirt

Have you decided that only a custom shirt will do? There are many design elements that can be catered to your preference, from the type of fabric used to shoulder pleating. When you choose to customize your shirt, you can work with your tailor to get every detail right.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors is proud to specialize in custom shirts, jackets, and tuxedos in the Manhattan. Feel free to give us a call at (212) 697-0050.

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