• Custom suit

    Top Reasons to Choose Custom Pieces for Your Formal Wear

    If you plan to dress your best when you leave the house, you are probably heading to a worthy event or celebrating an important occasion. You should also be wearing custom formal wear in Manhattan to ensure that you look better than ever. You can also rely on your custom made shirts to keep you […]

  • Custom tuxedo

    Why You Might Need a Custom Tuxedo

    A tuxedo shirt in Manhattan can be the right call in certain situations, but you need to know when and how to wear it. Like other types of custom clothing, men’s tuxedos can help you leave a great impression and look your best when it matters most. You might have a particularly formal event to […]

  • White shirt

    Looking at Popular Choices for Custom Shirt Collars

    At a glance from an untrained eye, shirt collars might not seem so different from each other. When you consider the details, however, this aspect of your customized shirts near New York City can be an important piece of the puzzle. You might like your custom shirts with classic straight point collars, or you might […]

  • Mohan's Logo

    Try These Three Simple and Stylish Tie Knots

    The best part about your favorite tie is that you can wear it in a bunch of different styles . Certain ties lend themselves to specific knot styles, and certain custom shirts in Manhattan pair well with specific ties. Grab your favorite custom shirt, take a look at this video, and try these three simple […]

  • Difference Between Suit and Tuxedo

    Identifying the Differences Between Suits and Tuxedos

    At first glance, a suit and tuxedo may not seem that different. They’re both worn at formal events, and they’re both comprised of many of the same components. As you dive into the world of men’s formalwear, you’ll see that there are more differences between suits and tuxedos than you might expect. Whether you’re in […]

  • Sport Coat Style

    Pieces You Can Style with Any Sport Coat

    When most guys think of a sport coat, they imagine wearing it in a formal setting. However, a sport coat lends itself to more casual attire as well. The sheer versatility of bespoke sport coats is just one more reason why you should have at least one of these garments in your closet alongside your […]

  • How to keep your shirt tucked all day

    Shirt Won’t Stay Tucked? Try These Tips

    Do you struggle to keep your dress shirt tucked? You’re not alone. Constantly tucking and re-tucking your shirt can be embarrassing; fortunately, keeping your shirt inside your trousers is easier than you might think. For guidance, watch this video and speak with a tailor in New York City . This video offers 7 strategies to […]

  • Custom tailored shirt

    How Wearing a Custom Made Shirt Can Improve Your Style

    It’s important to be satisfied with your wardrobe. If you shake your head every time you open your closet, then it’s time to make a change. You’ve probably already thought about having a custom suit made by a tailor in Manhattan, but have you considered purchasing a custom-made shirt as well? A custom shirt, like […]

  • Bespoke Suits

    What You Need to Know About Bespoke Suits

    Bespoke suits in New York City are the symbol of utmost sophistication. With a bespoke suit, you will never look better, because bespoke suits are made to fit only your body. Unlike made-to-measure shirts or suits, a bespoke suit tailor will take more than just your basic measurements. He will look at the arch of […]

  • Tuxedo

    Tuxedos 101

    Commonly found at black-tie events, men’s tuxedos near Manhattan have become the pinnacle of formality and sophistication. It is always a good idea to have at least one tuxedo in your wardrobe so you will always be ready for formal events such as weddings and award ceremonies. Here is a look at the many components […]