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Manhattan Custom Tailoring Fabric selection

The core foundation of any quality garment is its fabric. Fabric selection can make or break a garment regardless of the style, color, and pattern. It is for this very reason that we offer one of the widest selections of fabrics in New York. We have access to over 10,000 fabrics made from the UK to Italy, giving you the ability to create a masterpiece of your own from the finest fabrics the world has to offer. The quality, selection, and prices we offer are unmatched.

Our Guarantee at Mohan's Custom Tailors

With Mohan's fabrics, we guarantee your completed garment with be as luxurious to the touch as those made for a king. Our fabrics will make your suit, coat, and shirts enhance your overall look and bring a true sense of style and confidence wherever you go. Don't pay more and settle for less! At Mohan's Custom Tailors, we give it all at the best prices. Contact us and let us create a masterpiece of your very own.

Manhattan Custom Tailoring Our Fabric selection

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