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Bespoke Process

Manhattan Bespoke Suits

If you're looking to make a positive impression during a job interview or business meeting, you should consider buying a bespoke suit. No other kind of suit can fit your contours and accentuate your attributes quite like a custom suit made by an experienced tailor. If you're in any way daunted by the bespoke process, you shouldn't be; the professionals at Mohan's Custom Tailors are friendly, and our suits cost 40-50% less than other custom suits.

Advantages of a Bespoke Suit

If you've never had a bespoke suit, you'll find that it revolutionizes the way you dress. Bespoke suits have numerous advantages over store-bought suits.

  • Suits All Body Types: If you are short, tall, large, or have an otherwise unique body shape, you may have trouble finding a flattering store-bought suit. A bespoke suit, on the other hand, is specially made to complement your body shape.
  • Precise Fit: If even one aspect of your suit is off, it can take away from the whole ensemble. If you opt for a bespoke suit, everything will fit exactly right, from your shoulders down to your trouser cuffs.
  • Impressive Durability: Custom suits are made with a level of care that goes well beyond mass-manufactured suits. You can expect your bespoke suit to last for decades.

Step-by-Step Guide

The bespoke process is fairly straightforward, and usually takes four or five weeks from start to finish. Here's what will happen after you make an appointment at Mohan's Custom Tailors:

1. Examine Fabrics: The first step involves browsing our 10,000+ fabrics from all over the world. We have fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace, Vitale Barberis, and other top names.

2. Choose Style: You'll also need to make a number of decisions regarding style. This includes the number of pockets, number of buttons, lapel size, and jacket vents.

3. Measurements: Next, an experienced tailor will take more than 25 measurements to ensure a precise fit. Your tailor may have you try on a canvas jacket as part of the measuring process.

4. Sent to Factory: Once you've made your choices and been fully measured, your fabrics, patterns, and measurements are brought together to create a handsome bespoke suit.

5. Final Adjustments: Four or five weeks later, you'll come in for a final fitting. Once the appropriate alterations are made, you can take your suit home.

Mohan's Custom Tailors has proudly served businessmen in New York City for over 40 years. We've also made suits for famous athletes, including Wilt Chamberlain and Patrick Ewing. If you're looking for an attractive yet affordable custom suit that brings out your best features, set up an appointment with Mohan's Custom Tailors.

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